A bun kind of day...

Monday, 30 May 2011
Ive been so busy beeish today I needed a bun baking break... 
Out came the big bowl, the big spoon and all the usual gubbins that helps to make a good bun! 
I am a champion bun maker, even if I do say so myself. Im shocking (do turn away now if you are a very particular baker...) and throw everything in and bash it up with a ballon whisk, I do it everytime, showing absolute disregard for the time honoured tradition of creaming and sieving, and folding, etc. Im more of a bun basher than a bun fluffer upper... but look at how they rise! 
I give you a sea of buns...
I made 53...
which will last in my house for all of 3 days...
go on...
go and bash up a bun!

For two deep bun trays worth (24 buns)

Switch the oven onto 180 degrees c to heat up

Put 12 oz soft marg in a BIG bowl.
Add 12 of granulated sugar.
Throw in 2 eggs.
Attack viciously with your balloon whisk for about 5 seconds just to blend.
Throw in another 4 eggs and 13 oz Self Raising flour (not sieved).
Attack with whisk again for another 5 seconds till all the dusty flour is mixed.

That took about 5 minutes didnt it, and that included the time taken to get out the bowl and ingredients!
Pop some bun cases into your bun trays, spoon in your mix evenly.
Shove into the oven and switch your timer on for 25 minutes.
Go and get on with something else...
Take buns out when golden and crispy topped... leave to cool on wire racks.

Ren x


  1. OOOH those looks so warm and yummy!!! i would love one thanks :D heeeheee!

  2. Gosh! If only I could cook! Look very nice :)

  3. Wow, they look fab, you should write a baking book,
    (that's the best and fun way to do it) instructions ever.
    Best wishes

  4. They look delicious! I much prefer to eat buns just like this when they are still warm and fresh from the oven - yum :-)

  5. Ahh, I love your bun mashing method!! How very tasty they do look!

  6. What an excellent recipe ... the simpler the better :~) It's a very grey and rainy afternoon here today so me and the little ones knocked up a batch of these lovely buns, made a batch of flapjacks, filled up the spotty red teapot and had a wonderful tea party ... fab! Thanks for sharing it .. Lou x