Another hatching...

Friday, 27 May 2011
DORIS - UK 6 in a multi coloured mix of chocolate and banana... 
Arent they fun!!! 
VERITY - UK 6 in Jade with chocolate polka dot ribbon contrast... 
PETAL - UK 7 Orchard green with antiqued tan accent... Looooove this colour and have plans to make a CLEMMIE bag in this stunning colour. 
NINA - UK 7 in poppy red with Russian doll ribbon... 
I was going to keep these but decided in the end that I really want antiqued tan ones.
MOTH in UK 4 in the last of the lovely larch and peanut butter leather. I cut these so long ago and they have just sat there with me being too busy to make them.  
Its basically the same as Mustardseed but plain with no decoration and with the longest fairy pointed toes. Ive offered MOTH as a custom option in the shop too.

All of these beauties can be found in the Fairysteps shop here...


  1. I love your shoes. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! And one day, soon, I will own a pair.{My promise to me}

  2. Your shoes are so wonderful dear Ren and I will have another pair one day. My darling Mustarseeds are like walking on clouds :D