Latest hatching of shoes...

Sunday, 10 April 2011
BELLA in Jet with red insoles and ribbons... stunners!
PUCK in deep sea with jade insoles (which this picture doesnt show the colour awfully well)... 
QUEENIE in jet black and red gossamer ribbons... 
And gaze upon these MUSTARDSEED WIZARDS... Plum and Apple and I love them!! 
A smidge of detail for you to dribble over...

Last words...
Cooking lunch, and glad to see the sunshine. Saw the first swallow who no doubt has brought Summer on her wings, as they do each year. Mr Fairysteps has hired a digger for the weekend and is chopping up the garden... pictures to follow on that!

Have a wonderful Sunday to all.
Ren x


  1. Shoes and boots looking great! now v curious about your news!

  2. Oh Ren, I've not visited for a while and now you have me a-coveting!:)xx

  3. Are you ok? It's 2 weeks since you last posted..... thats a long time for you :(
    Sue Xx

  4. The flats are amazing!
    Have a happy day, Ren