A peep into a shoemaking day...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011
This is a snapshot of the Fairysteps Studio taken yesterday at the days end...

So happy to be making shoes and getting on with my orders. Ive had to remove all custom listings for I dont know how long... But its OK, Im glad to clear my orders and then have some creative time for stocking up the shop! My shoes have sold so well that choice is very limited for ready made at present. Hopefully I can put that right soon! Ive decided to list in stock shoes on the fairysteps website as well as on Etsy. I think that UK buyers especially will like this option to buy direct. Once Ive increased bag stock I shall pop those on there as well.
Mr Fairysteps fixed a 9ft x 1ft extension plank to my work table, giving me even more room for spreading out. Excellent! I do like a good bit of elbow room...

The sun is shining and my studio is feeling rosy...


  1. I love peeking into people's studios and yours is a feast for the eyes.The elves and the shoemaker story springs to mind seeing all the pieces lined up.Well done on clearing your orders and looking forward to seeing your new stock:)Cassandra xx

  2. this is wonderful Ren! Your new cutting table is beautiful. I am dreaming of a new piece of furniture for my little knit shop. More elbow room at the check out and displaying the pretty accesories... good luck with your orders! xx

  3. Where are the elves hiding then?

  4. What a wonderful place to create magical shoes. I swear I could see little elves in your workshop :D

    ps, Bobby Pea is half way to my dream of a little campervan. I'll be watching with interest while keeping a weather eye on ebay!!!

  5. Ooh I love the look of your studio. Looks like magic :)