Meet Bobby Pea...

Sunday, 20 March 2011
This is Bobby Pea...
He is coming to Fairysteps land this morning, and Im so very excited!!!
Yes... I know he is in a vomit inducing state at present but do have faith! We in the family all have great plans for Bobby Pea! I will be documenting his transformation on the blog so watch for updates! 
Up to now he was used by a farmer to keep his dogs in while on heat... they even chewed a hole through his side (the caravan, not the farmer). See... teeth marks...
Eldest who was harrowing a field down to a tilth ready for sowing, spotted Bobby from his tractor cab. He was tucked away in a corner of a wooded patch. Knowing that weve been looking for years for an old wreck he mentioned it at tea last week... 
Mr fairysteps visited said Farmer and asked if he fancied selling the caravan. £170 pounds was agreed as the price and we can collect today!!!! Look at that hideous sink colour. Its like diarrhoea... 
I know what Im doing today... gutting Bobby...

It strikes me that this could pass as a horror blog post and I apologise if anyone was upset by the images shown. Please make sure that all sensitive souls are kept away from this as long term damage could occur...

Ren x


  1. Hello There Ren!

    Congrats! Such exciting developments! And actually, I wasn't quite so upset about the images, though perhaps I should say I worry for you and your renovations of that poor behomoth!

    My only question is: what do you intend to do with Bobby once he's in a more fashionable state? :)

  2. My kitchen sink is that colour!

    not really :) I love old wrecks and big projects, I'm with you all the way, and I too would love to know what your going to do once she renovated?
    Sue x

  3. Wow! What a great deal! It will be fantastic to see the transformation!!

  4. Ren what a wonderful thing is to revamp the caravan! I know Mr Fairysteps will make it some kinda wonderful! Wow thats a steal when everything costs so dear. Cant wait to see its changing.

  5. I can totally see you vacationing in a Gypsy caravan. If your enthusiasm for the project dips, read these comments to bring your spirits back up. It so much work, but it's has such great potential in your gifted hands. What a lucky (and courageous) purchase.

  6. The Harrowing Adventures of Bobby Pea...can not wait! Love you, love your blog, love your shoes, I wished I lived closer.

  7. How exciting, I love Bobby Pea and cannot wait to see what you do with him...will you be restoring him to former glory, or do you have alternative and magical plans for a different new life for him?!

  8. OOO wonderful!! i do love vintage style caravans...with bunting a-plenty, granny square blankets and tea galore! have you seen constance the caravan here she is adorable!!