Did I mention Nina?

Friday, 25 March 2011
I think I did, but the dandelion fluff filled head is soooo full that maybe I didnt...
I bought this woven, absolute must have, Russian doll ribbon a little while back and have been waiting to pounce on it!!! I wanted to make some 'very, very' special slip ons for such a while now. The ribbons are stitched in several places ensuring that they dont move at all during wear, and the upper is fully lined keeping the stitching out of sight and secure.
They will have matching red insoles and my usual Squidge cushioned soling with an extra waisted sole shape.


Sun is shining and I have a thrilling adventure in store this afternoon... I cant tell you all yet what it is... but you are going to like it... promise!!!! Lastly, Happy weekend to all x

Ren x


  1. This all looks very exciting :)

  2. O Ren! I've been waiting to see this. The ribbon is PRECIOUS! Love it. A. xx

  3. I wish I knew what my head is stuffed with at the moment...I'm utterly unmotivated and uncreative and feel like I've got the wrong head on, a bit like Worzel Gummidge!