BUNTY... a new shoe

Friday, 11 March 2011
Meet BUNTY...
She's kept me awake for many nights...
It was 'the' time to make her real...
Influenced by Mary Janes (who does'nt love a good Mary Jane????) and old dancing shoes...
I popped a disc of 1920's dancing music on and set to work...
BUNTY is available as Made to Order in oodles of pretty colours in the Fairysteps shop!

Ren x


  1. Wah!! I adore this shoe!!! Bunty was my granma's nickname (love the name!), so I'm sold already. :)

    You're totally right - who doesn't love Mary Janes and vintage dancing shoes?? Love it. Love it!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous shoes and the colour is great too.
    I love a Mary Jane shoe, my only pair of shoes are black shiny ones :)

  3. Such pretty shoes in delicious colours, yum :D

    I took my fairy shoes to a Faery Fair and they were like walking on clouds :D