Bringing it all back home...

Saturday, 5 March 2011
You have probably noticed that Fairysteps has had something of a facelift this week!!
I told you there would be bells and whistles...

Back in November when I closed my shop / website I lost many of my previous British customers. This saddens me! I think that alot of people panicked once re directed to Etsy, and seeing dollar signs everywhere promptly left again, thinking that they were buying from America! And Im not complaining about moving, its been fantastic. Ive found more wonderful customers from across the globe and its been a brilliant experience being amongst so many clever and passionate artisans. Etsy has been incredibly good for Fairysteps too, helping the business to grow and flourish. Im very grateful for that and I will continue on there with great pleasure and enthusiasm!!! BUT, me thinks it time to re open the Fairysteps online shop and to offer once again direct sales from me. All of the bespoke collection for footwear is back in my shop, and its rather nice thats its all just custom made on there. Accessories will continue to be exclusively available on Etsy alone, and all of the shoes, bags, belts etc will also continue to be available there too. In fact ALL of my stock items will go straight into the Etsy shop alone. Good for Etsy customers too because they know that everything in the shop is ready to post!!

Well, there we go then, new beginnings indeed...


  1. Ooh, look at your pretty blog! :) I covet your shoes and am saving my pennies (or pence, as it were).

  2. Good for you Ren, if it feels right 'do it' thats what I say.

  3. It's so fun to redecorate! Very pretty. I shall continue to save up for a pretty pair purchased directly from you. ❤