Amelie nears completion...

Thursday, 3 February 2011
Nearly there...
The long strip is complete and the arm seams sewn.
Time to pick up around the centre opening...
Heres a little close up of the picking up part...
This post is very late Im afraid because Ive been so busy shoemaking... But I am happy to say that littlest's Amelie cardigan is complete, for all but the absence of a button! I shall sew that on tommorow and then take some finished pictures to post!
Shall I continue with my berry red one? Well... I must admit that Im never keen to knit two identical things, one after another sooo, Im thinking making my Brown Sparrow cardigan design next instead. I may work a border of hot air balloons along the bottom... I rather like hot balloons... I think it will give the cardigan a lift...

Ren x


  1. Beautiful work Ren! Lol... hot air balloons giving it a lift! :) xx

  2. Beautiful work Ren! Lol... hot air balloons giving it a lift! :) xx

  3. The crochet stitch on the cardigan is lovely! And I like the knitted cuffs...perfect! You do very lovely crochet and knitting work.
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    Take care,
    Teresa in California
    I am a crocheter too, I've made many fine doilies, table cloths, hats, scarves, etc.
    I also make dolls and am in Cloth and Clay doll ning which has a cloth body and you sculpt the head, arms, and feet with Creative Paper clay. I am no artist but discovered that I love working with the fine clay in a three-D format.

  4. Love this cardigan, are you going to write/sell a pattern for it? Think you should, I'd love to make one! I think it would look divine with a lovely crochet flower corsage on it.

  5. Wow! This is sooo nice! You are faery talented my friend! :)