20,000 purses under the sea...

Friday, 18 February 2011
Lots, isnt really a big enough word...
You can find all of the new purses here in the Fairysteps shop!

Ive been playing with product backgrounds. Not sure if plain white is good or not. I liked the vintage map of the South West background but feel its a bit distracting, and will it go with fairy shoes?
I think the shoes DO look good on plain white. I rephotographed these DOTTYs to see what the effect was.
Fed up with lugging big planks of wood around anymore (which is what I used to use for backgrounds). What to try next? Possibly some sort of linen stretched on a board backing... maybe I should stick to white...?

Update: Ive been thinking about this dilema all evening... and it dawns on me that natural wood did in fact always look better. Maybe I need a smaller plank! I think playing with props may be a good way to go too. Time to get a little creative with my pictures... The more I look at all of the new purse listings on a clinical white background, the more I know that I do not want white in the shop! Its so minimalist and I am if nothing else, most definetly NOT minimal by any stretch of the imagination!!
Enough ramblings. The rain has started in earnest and Im off to bed!

Happy Weekend all x


  1. I agree...clean white background suits some things, but I personally really like the earthiness of the wood, I think that is much more true to Fairysteps (speaking from one 'most definitely not a minimalist' to another!!!)

  2. White is good as a background for art, but it has no soul... reminds me of a gallery where you have to be quiet and it's all a little stark and sanitised! Your shoes and accessories definitely have soul... and nature in the shape of wood or even a large flat rock would be the way to go as a backdrop to your creations Ren!

  3. I love the big wood board, it suits your shoes and purses. It gives the right feel :)