HARLEQUIN in Ivy greens...

Monday, 17 January 2011
Ive had an afternoon off from shoemaking to have a little play in the workshop...
You can probably guess where these huge leaf like shapes come from...
They are in fact waste from shoemaking and I suppose if I was ever so efficient (whens that going to happen? My Husband might like to know!)... I would just throw all my leather cuttings out, BUT I detest waste, so I keep all the snippets in boxes and bags and little piles all over my workbench.
Ive been saving up the inside pattern piece from when I cut QUINCE and QUEENIE fairy shoes for a little while now and after knocking the pile down for the umpteenth time yesterday, decided it was time to use them!
I did make a belt once before with these and then forgot all about them. They all have to be individually trimmed to remove any marker lines and then carefully pieced and stitched, which looks easier than it is in this case! Ive got enough saved up and sorted for 8 belts in various colourways so look out for more to come!


  1. Boy you really have a talent Ren. Shoes, purses, belts knitting! A Talent a skill is a Treasure today and yours shines so brightly among others! Your children are really Blessed to have such a fine Woman and Father as examples...oxo

  2. That is probably my most favourite shape, in jewellery it is also called the marquis shape.