Snow Bunting... FREE PATTERN

Saturday, 18 December 2010

We had heavy snow overnight and so I woke to a white world this morning...

Offspring disappeared almost instantly, like tins of chocolate biscuits do if you leave them un guarded on the kitchen table...

A tree was snaffled from the woods yesterday and decorated this morning (by pj clad littlest) with years of collected shiny treasure...

But did I have bunting for over the kitchen sink??
No, I did not!!!

I chose 4 bright Christmassey colours of cotton DK and made some crochet triangles. Heres how...

Row 1 - Make a slip knot to start... chain 3 then work one treble into that first slip stitch. You have 2 trebles.
Row 2 - chain 3 then make 1 treble into the first of these chains to increase, work 2 trebles into the next treble top. You have 4 trebles.
Row 3 - As before increase at each end and work 2 trebles in the centre. You have 6 trebles.
Continue increasing an extra stitch at the end of each row for another 4 rows. Cast off and sew in your ends.

Make as many as you want / need...

Find a contrast colour for the bunting cord and make it like this...

Make a slip stitch to start, then chain 25. Take your first triangle and work double crochet all the way along the top edge. When you get to the end work approx 15 chains to form the spacing cord between the triangles... repeat until you have used all of the triangles, then work another 25 chains for the other end. Cast off and neaten.

Balance precariously on a very wobbly chair and hang your new bunting over the kitchen sink using the last 3 remaining drawing pins on the planet...

Wash ALL of the days accumalated dishes and intermittantly gaze upwards at your new bunting, smiling broadly... washing up will never be the same again...

Ren x


  1. Beautiful, must do this to mine!
    No snow here at the mo, the grass is white from a very heavy frost though...

  2. Very cheery! And all of your new stock looks beautiful, too! Have a great Holiday and New Year,
    Stella xx

  3. Fantastic! I've just realised I'm short of thick wooly jumpers- could you knock one of those up for me as quickly please?

  4. I feel the same way about my Christmas bunting. Funny how small things can make such happiness :D

  5. Wow look at all that snow!

    Thanks for sharing the bunting pattern. It looks beautiful above the sink...:)

  6. Awww nice!! Snow what lovliness! So beautiful!
    Stay warm and feed the horse extra! oxo

  7. Think I might have to have a go at making some tomorrow, Ren its gorgeous. I love your blog - only just discovered it. Karen X

  8. How festive! I notice the snow made bunting-like shapes on the three steps. Did you arrange that, too? :)