On Snowmen, Shawls, Flu and new bespoke listings...

Tuesday, 28 December 2010
One of the Christmas snowmen... alas he melted away today...
The house sparkled... literally! I ceased to sparkle by Christmas evening and went to bed with a temperature which developed into flu... I never knew eyeballs could sweat... today is my first semi active day, which amounts to catching up with the gogglebox world on my laptop wrapped up in bed. Thankfully Im on the mend now! Phew!!! But Christmas is so special.
Zambi black cat hurt his toe and had to visit the vets on Christmas Eve. He did the same last year, silly Zambi... Here he is with his sister Daisy saying, Yes I know, but Im worth it...
I had so many special presents that I cant list them all but heres a rather special homemade one. A giant pin cushion made by littlest. Its so special... but then every gift was special...
Hazel, the newest 4 legged addition was taught the joys of sledging... well, the pulling bit anyway!!
Inspired by my bunting I started a new shawl using up leftover merino dk... I may try to finish it in a mo and will try to photograph it tommorow ready to blog.

Wishing everyone a wonderful final week of 2010 and if anyone sneezes anywhere near you... start running!!!

Ren x


  1. Lovely post Ren! Its so good hearing about your days across the miles...stay warm in your cosy home...huggs Janet xox

  2. Get well soon! Love, love the pincushion!