Colour collections for 2011 and a note on less...

Friday, 31 December 2010
I decided that maybe a specific set of colours chosen for specific times of the year would be a good idea for bespoke shoes...
I tried to pick a good selection that will appeal to anyone and everyone. And there is an alterior motive behind this.... I MUST, must, must cut down on my leather stocks this year coming! Its becoming impossible to move in my workroom. Im a terror for getting new colours, I MUST be stopped!!! So instead of doing more this coming year Ive sort of decided to do the opposite. I shall do less. Less new colours, less new styles, less haphazard, less worry, less procrastinating, less self pressuring, basically less... which may lead to a better ability to focus on whats in front of me. Dont we always overlook whats in front?

Less is my new buzz word...
Less will be my friend...
Less will free up space in my home and in my overcrowded head...
Less will make me smile!

Today being the day of reflections and resolutions I wish you all well in doing both!
And my last words on this last day of the old year have to be THANK YOU to everyone who makes my life so special. To share snippets of my days with you and to likewise catch glimpses of yours through your own writings is one thing I most definetly do not want less of!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR dear blog friends, Ren x

Footnote! I wont be getting rid of any existing styles or colours, I just mean curbing the new ones floating around in my head!!!


  1. Is that your new years resolution? how long will that last? Oh Ren, I hope not too long, its not just your beautiful styles but all the wonderful colours you use as well that I love so much. Btw, everyone in my family adored your purses, wallets and pouches I gave them for Christmas xxx
    Sue :)

  2. Less is more remember!
    Happy New Year Ren xxx

  3. New Year resolution.... I must buy fairyshoes from Ren...Really love all the will I choose?
    Hope your feeling better?
    A Very Happy New Year to you and your family...
    Bright Blessings to you Ren
    Jules x

  4. Oh, golly! You have no idea how much I want a pair of red and a pair of black Fairyshoes!! I'm a ballet shoe / mary jane kind of girl and your shoes are so fun and unique! I will save my pennies this year and treat myself, methinks.

    I'm with you on less this year. I'm entering my second year of my Thrifty365 Pledge:

  5. A very happy and prosperous New Year to you dear Ren.x

  6. LOVE those winter colours Ren! Yes, Less is More is a lesson I'm trying very hard to learn, but sometimes the ideas get me carried away too. I've got the guitar sorted, so next on my saving-up-for list is a pair of Fairysteps...trouble is, I just can't decide, they're all so lovely!!!