Snippety stitch...

Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Well, well, well...
What a busy bee Ive been this past week or so! My work table has fair disappeared under them all! Ive cut a HUGE batch of fairy shoes all off the suggestions board. 17 in total so there will be lots of listings before Christmas comes...
Ive been avidly listening for a delivery van to arrive with tangerine leather onboard, all day long. Did he bring it to me? Nope... Was I disappointed? Yep!!! BUT, I did manage to draft the patterns that this leather is destined for. Its for 2 pairs off the suggestions board, PRICKLE and THISBE in this new tangerine and lemondrop leather. These are being used for a childrens television programme. How exciting!!!
Im rather chuffed to have an excuse to buy a new colour! Ive often wished I had a decent rich orange. Im partial to a smidge of orange mixed up with other colours. Its such an energetic colour, full of life!

I hope to have these finished by the weekend so will post pictures soon!

Physio for 'the arm' in the morning, drop little car off for its MOT, walk the 3 miles home, then back to the sewing machine for me...


  1. What am I like, I want another pair now! I must be very slightly obsessed! But what if something happens to my lovely boots, like the puppy eats one? I need a back up pair, surely??? Oooh, I need a lie down methinks!!!

    Thank you for the lovely shoes my dear, I am so thrilled with them :D

  2. Hey Yarrow - I know how you feel - i have 4 pairs and still feel i need more faerie magick we need a support group or shall we just carry on .......they are made with such love and magick that I quite like the obsession!! Thanks again Ren xxxx

  3. Support group I think, haha :D