NEW stock... Mustardseed and Queenie

Wednesday, 17 November 2010
All of these beauties have been plucked from the fairysteps suggestions board...
I am enjoying this new way of working so much more!!!
All will be put in the shop this evening with reserve notices placed upon them for one week.
After which time they will be up for grabs...

Ive been a very productive Fairy ShoeMaker, pattern drafting and cutting like theres no tommorow! Ive cut a veritable mountain of shoes and am currently fashioning a ladder out of matchsticks so that I can reach the topmost pair...

Ren x


  1. Love the top two, absolutely gorgeous, I'm sure there sell straight away!

  2. They are all gorgeous! I especially love the top boots.

  3. You are at the top of my google homepage - so I see your new stock every morning along with the state of the moon..there isn't long to go before I become a lunatic (the olde definition of the word) and decide I need 5 pairs of your shoes/boots so try not to make any in green and brown until the waning begins ........much love and once again,Ren .....thankyou sooo much again for my second pair of are a beautiful faerie shoe maker with a beautiful soul (sole lol)......big faerie hugs....janine xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Gosh, I'm sooo excited I'm all of a jumbly quiver :D They look so totally beautiful, I can't wait :D

  5. oh my! i have been gone too long from blogland! i love all of these amazing fae shoes! i want them all! how magickal indeed! hope all is well with you my dear! i have saved many match sticks to help you build that ladder!

  6. :::swoooooooooooooooon:::
    I can't decide what I want more- a pair of your shoes, or to learn how to make shoes like them! They look like they're fun to make.

  7. oooo the top pair are very harry potter, i can just imagine that they are enchanted and if you wear them you could fly over rooftops without a broomstick!!