Fairy shoes for gogglebox fairies...

Saturday, 27 November 2010
PRICKLE fairy shoes
Ive had lots of fun making these Tangerine and Lemondrop beauties for a lovely lady in Wales. They will hopefully be used for a TV production featuring fairies being filmed for Welsh television. I hope they like them...
THISBE fairy shoes
They make a perfect pair me thinks. I was a little dubious about the colours but have to admit the combination is beautiful. I think I could almost fly if these were mine, they seem to exude energy!

Last notes: I feel so right about that last blog post update. Feedback has been encouraging, as always. I really value the support of my customers, thank you so much! This new plan is going to work!!!

I might need a pair of Tangerine and Lemondrop shoes for next summer...


  1. I must admit when you mentioned Tangerine leather I was dubious, however these are really funky and gorgeous!!
    Well done you clever lady you!!
    Rebecca x

  2. There both beautiful, hope they get an airing on T.V