PUCK, UK 4, in Larch green and Raspberry...

Wednesday, 20 October 2010
NEW SHOES in the shop... PUCK in UK SIZE 4, D fitting. Made with buttery soft LARCH leather with a RASPBERRY leather insole. PLUM velvet ribbons to finish them off... perfect! More size UK 4 coming soon!


Due to personal injury (I only have one arm working properly) I am no longer able to take customer suggestions. Work will continue, but much more slowly!! Its no fun waiting forever for wishes to come true so I have had to withdraw the option to request custom made items. Sorry... I am determinded though, to try to get all of the recent custom requests for footwear made and added to stock, I just cant do it very quickly!! Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding x


  1. Goodness, Ren...what have you done to yourself?! These ones are gorgeous, by the way!

  2. Poor you, I hope it's nothing serious. Your latest shoes are sooo scrummy, even with one hand you make the best shoes :D

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your arm! I'm sure all of your customers will understand. I still love your items, by the way! You are on my have to have list!

  4. Time for that other shoemaker's elves to show up on your doorstep!

    Get better soon.

  5. Oooh, hope there's some Queenie size 4s heading this way? Perhaps it's time to get someone else to knead the dough. (Word verification: bobitown)