NEW stock in the shop! Pouches... JINKS, NIB and TWEET

Friday, 8 October 2010
TWEET in lemondrop and scarlet leather...
The lovebirds eyes are hearts... they are lovebirds though...
This wonderfully quirky, squishy, squashy clutch is in the fairysteps shop here
And I was ever so pleased to get a new batch of these NIB pen cases finished today. Ive sold out so quickly of each one made to date, so a big batch of 16 has been put into stock! You can find them all in the shop here.
And did you notice my new labels? Arent they smart!
I loved that last JINKS with the button detail so much that I drafted that rag tag pattern so that I could make it again, and again, and again!
JINKS button in LIPSTICK and JADE leathers, in the shop here

All will be quiet on the Fairysteps front for about 3 days...
We have a family birthday (tiddlywink 2) and are booked up for lots of excursions this weekend. Isnt it funny how exciting things happen all at once.
Tommorow, we are going on a walk up through the valley where we live to Castle Drogo for a talk about the Hydro Electric scheme that powers the castle, then onto Fingle Bridge for a bowl of soup for lunch... home in the afternoon.
Then on Sunday Mr F is off up on the moors for another Hydro talk (he works in renewable energies so is always interested in this type of thing...) in the morning. Then at lunch time we leave for Buckland Abbey for a National Trust event going on there. An Elizabethan weekend... I must find my pot of white lead, largest ruff and pot of head lice before we go... Then its home to collapse...
Monday is the day, so its all day cooking, which WILL involve a great deal too much chocolate, ready for a whopping BIG birthday tea at 4.30 sharp. Then once again it will be time to collapse in a heap.

Work on Tuesday...!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone x


  1. All the new work is gorgeous, as usual...and such perfect fairy stitching!
    You are too funny...white lead and pot of head lice:-))) That's really authentic re-enactment...maybe you'll show some photos?!!
    Have a great weekend,
    Stella xx

  2. Sounds like a very good time this weekend! Happy Birthday TW2.

    And what does this mean?

    An Elizabethan weekend... I must find my pot of white lead, largest ruff and pot of head lice before we go...

    Sounds like an Alice in Wonderland reference?? :D thanks Ren

  3. Sounds like a wonderful, though very busy, weekend! Renewable energy, fantastic...we have solar panels on our roof and though we've only got 6, they do make a difference. We were going to get more, but as we are thinking of moving to the country next year, the plan is to go as energy self-sufficient as we can then. He he, I played Elizabeth I in a theatre assignment eons ago at uni...I went for standard white stage make-up though, and skipped the lice! :)