Meet Gertie...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010
Ive had a hell of a day!!! But lets not go into it...
Something rather good (actually better than good) came out of it though. I finally plucked up enough courage to take my old Ibanez guitar into Exeter for a trade in (Ive had it since I was a tender 14)... I brought Gertie home with me...
She is rather splendid, with a solid mahogany back and sides and neck, and a pretty spruce top. Wish my behind looked as good as that... without the shiny finish though...
She is a Guild vintage style, concert body guitar, so much much smaller than my old dreadnought size. Perfect for cuddling close and plucking... No more aching arms... or scaling the south face to get to the strings... Ive spent the evening picking out tunes.
Look at that back detail... I love every little bit of her already! And she sounds bright, like a bell. Mr Fairysteps has a Guild too, in rosewood which sounds much deeper and mellow. Together they make a perfect pair, a bit like us... I named 'his' guitar Gilbert.
Gilbert and Gertie... I hope they have a long, harmonic life together!

Ren x


  1. Oh, she's gorgeous...I now have severe guitar envy! I started off my lessons with my mum's steel string dreadnought...lovely guitar, but they are HUGE. Went back to the old nylon string because it had a smaller body, but also thought it might be better to learn on the wider neck so I can get that stretch happening in the fingers of the left hand...but I have very teeny hands so it's a struggle (my guitar teacher tells me this is NO excuse LOL)! I'm going to have to save up some pennies and get something that suits me...and I'm going to give it a name too! I'm learning classical style to start with, and I have found myself saying "OMG, I've broken a nail!!!" for the first time in my entire life!

  2. She is sooo beautiful. My husband has a 'few' guitars and I love the way they all have their own personalities and sounds.

    Have fun :D

  3. Beautiful guitar! The detail on the back is so pretty and she's so shiny too! :) x