I'm now a one armed shoemaker...

Wednesday, 20 October 2010
Cripes... Had a bit of a low, low moment last night. My bad arm (I was diagnosed with Frozen shoulder a month ago) finally showed me who was boss. I struggled to lift the lift arm on Reggie my big leather sewing machine. It was such a blow. I just never expected it to get this bad. I now need help dressing and cant even put a coat on without help. I ask you what a pickle!
BUT others have far worse so I WILL NOT wallow over this development.
Instead, I had to have a good long think in bed, which isnt difficult because 'the arm' wakes me up constantly through the night now. Mr Fairysteps said he will set up a very tall chair so that I can be much higher than the machine which may help for a while, thats a bonus. Also Ive had to stop taking suggestions for new stock. Its just not fair making customers wait, especially as there is a big possibility that this condition will get worse now. Apparently it can take 2 to 4 years to clear...
Im going to keep working though, I have lots of customer suggestions to work through, albeit slowly now, and Im happy to say that I can still crochet very happily!

Chin up! Its a beautiful Autumn day and Ive still got the other arm!!!!


  1. Ohhh Im so sorry to read this! I just read about frozen shoulder on the internet and it is an intresting thing but not something anyone would want. Much of the time without any causes. But thank God there is a light at the end of the tunnel with this. I read this here I know youve well researched it by now but want to give you this anyway..
    I feel for you bc I have read of the pain involved. I know you have a wonderful family who will help and nurse you well along the way Ren. Big huggs..be Blessed fine friend..oxo

  2. Re, maybe you shouldn't be 'soldiering on'? Maybe it's a sign you should slow down and take it easy...you always have so much on the go, I'm constantly amazed at what you're up to. Time to take a little 'Ren' time and rest?

    BTW, I only got this post today, seems some are getting lost in the switch!

  3. Oops, that was supposed to be 'Ren', not 'Re'!