Did I mention?

Monday, 11 October 2010
Did I mention I was a toadstool nerd? 
Our home is plastered, and I do mean plastered with toadstools at this time of year... 
Look at the gills on this Fly Agaric... 
I think fairies may paint the tops at night time... 
The amount of puffballs is astounding... 
All of these were spotted within shouting distance of the house... 

The curly leaves stole the show in this picture... 
Autumn sunsine lit our way... 
A large family may be living inside this ones stem... 

These are teeny weeny ones... 

Look at her underskirt... 
These are part of a HUGE fairy ring... but I didnt step inside.... phew! 
Look at that shading down over the cap... 
Some look almost manmade... 

The Autumn sun kept watching us through the oaks... 
We ended our walk at the top of our magical valley, looking out towards the moor on the farside. The view is so wide I had to paste 5 pictures together to show you. I never tire of this valley. If I am very lucky I will stand here at the top of my world, when I am old and wispy and white...


  1. Gorgeous photos Ren. Are they on Flickr yet? This group looks interesting... http://www.flickr.com/groups/fungi/


  2. Such fantastic pictures, I love them to bits and I love mushrooms and toadstools of all kinds :D

  3. What gorgeous mushrooms. I wish we grew such magical looking mushrooms around here. What a fairy haven.

  4. You lucky thing, look of the size of that fly agaric, we went on a mushroom/toadstool hunt yesterday in the woods and were a bit disappointed, this makes up for it!

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous! You're very lucky to find these around your home. Magical indeed. I love looking for and finding mushrooms too, but usually have to go into the rainforest to find them.
    A few days ago I managed to photograph three unusual species at a yoga retreat.
    If you like, you can see them at this link:


  6. I am so, so, soooooo jealous! These are amazing, and you got them all just around your house! It's not fair! As a fellow toadstool nerd I've been hunting them for weeks now and can't seem to find any good ones. I've only found little tiny brown shrooms, nothing like these at all. And I know they do grow here because I saw them loads of other years! I don't think we've been getting enough rain or something, a rare complaint in Ireland! Anyway, I adore your photos. You've got some really great shots of some really great fungi! Thanks for sharing,
    Roisin x

  7. Such beautiful images Ren. I particularly love the ones with red tops and the white bits. Your home and surroundings look very magical indeed!
    My love for all things fairy and mushroom started when my mam wrote a story about my brother and I discovering a fairy ring in a local forest, when we were kids.
    I have in the last two years emerged from a self enforced mushroom prohibition, after working in a mushroom 'farm' for a few months. I grew very tired of them ;) Now I can see their beauty again.

  8. Wonderful! Ahhh, one can be envious of your life in the valley! I doubt I've seen the red fairy toadstools anywhere in the states! Lucky you! :)

  9. we have a huge amount of fungi this autumn as well, it is so fun to see and discover. I loved seeing your photos and the beautiful tree at the end.

  10. Wow what beautiful mushroom photos....:)

    You live in a beautuful spot I love the tree photo.

  11. these are so beautiful.. so huge. such magical images, thanks for sharing 'em :)

  12. Beautiful fungi! Can't believe the size of that fly agaric!!
    We have loads of fungi here in the New Forest...I love this time of year for foraging!! Rebecca x

  13. Amazing - what a selection! And the size of that one - wow! Are they all eatable?

  14. Wow you have a fantastic variety there I have fungi envy :) haha
    Great photos! x

  15. You must have a really beautiful place!! Your so Blessed Ren those Mushrooms are so big different and beautiful. Me tinks you do live in Fairyville! oxo