NEW STOCK! Queenie shoes and Alder ragtag bag...

Friday, 24 September 2010
WARNING.... I am now going to literally bore you to tears with picture after picture of the same shoes... 
But can you blame me? 
I mean just LOOK at them!! 
Utter fairy heaven... 
I could dance in a woodland clearing under an Autumn sky in these treasures... 
Or just wash dishes and fold washing, like usual...
QUEENIE fairy shoes in UK 5, standard D fitting, in peanut butter nubuck.
Up for grabs in the Fairysteps Shop here
Another ALDER ragtag in the much admired chocolate grained leather with a conker brown contrast.
I added another fairy leaf like on the last bag... rather nice arent they! If you fancy taking Alder for a walk then you can find her in the shop here 
QUINCE in purple smooth leather complete with plum ribbons have also gone into stock today. 
These beauties are in the shop here
These splendiferous QUEENIE fairy shoes in nightshade have already sold before even going in the Fairysteps shop... Sorry if anyone else had their heart set on them but if you did, remember to pop a suggestions ticket off to me...

Last notes: Head still full of cold... I have done my bit for home and country though by passing on 'the germ' to everyone else in the house who hadnt yet succumbed... O dear...


  1. I have been checking your website every 5 minutes waiting for those Queenie shoes, it was going to be a birthday present to myself next week, I'm in tears.

  2. Oh I LOVE those brown woodland funds at the moment!

  3. Your Queenie in Peanut Butter are simply gorgeous.

  4. Oooooh! That Peanut butter leather is fantastic!! and such beautiful fairy shoes! Wrong size though...just as well cos I have no pennies at the mo!!
    Rebecca x

  5. Love the peanut butter queenie shoes and the plum ones, probably very good for my bank balence that they are the wrong size for me :( love Mary