NEW STOCK! Alder in peanut butter and XL alder in larch and Thyme...

Thursday, 16 September 2010
At last all of the latest batch of bags are made and in the shop...
I particularly like this XL Alder. I mean how couldnt you LOVE that colour...?
I think the leaves added a nice touch. I must at this point raise my arm and admit that the 'leaves' are in fact the front portion cut away from a pair of PUCK fairy shoes currently under Reggies needle. But they felt so right to put on this bag!! I had to...
This beauty is in the Fairysteps Shop here
And a little sister ALDER in the wonderful (and I think, much to be scrambled for) Peanut Butter leather.
The ragtag is so lovely, together with the colour and texture on this hide I have to say Im rather in love...
Just incase you fall in love too she is listed in the shop here

Thats all for now folks! Im posting a sneak preview of two pairs of Mustardseed fairy boots in the making tommorow... see you then.
Ren x

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  1. Oh my goodness, they're both gorgeous! If only, if only. When I get a full time job this will be dangerous for me!