New boots in the shop... Mustardseed

Thursday, 30 September 2010
As promised a newly hatched batch of curly goodness...
And possibly my favourite of the batch...
What an exquisite colour combination... these would have to be my Spring boots...
If the above were for Spring, then these would have to be for mid winter...
Coupled with a forest green velvet robe... or possibly whatever Im wearing because I would NOT want to take them off! Thank heavens they arent my size...

Thats the last shoe listings for a few days! The next batch will be a mixture of sizes, but the first listings will be mainly UK 4... I have been listening!! Hopefully these beauties will have whetted your shoe appetites and that suggestions will pour in aplenty. Thank you everyone who has left one and even more of a thank you if you left an email address! I suppose its a bit like taking shoe orders again BUT it feels much better getting paid after the shoes or boots are made rather than before!

One last note about the new shoes... Ive had several requests for the long fairy toe points on the boots. Ive avoided this up till now because of not being happy using the thinner soling. I am ever so hoppy up and downy happy to announce that Ive found a way around this now. As you can see on the last QUEENIE shoes I have managed to get a good enough curl on the point and use the cushioned thicker soling. Yippeee!! Offering comfort and quality is so important to me that this has been a big milestone! So all fairysteps footwear will now have the same cushioned non slip soling regardless of the style.

My cutting table is bare of leather, not a snippet has been cut to sew... cant have that! Im off for a cup of tea (or 3) to strengthen me then its off with the scissors for me. Pattern drafting first, then actual leather snipping all afternoon...

Ren x


  1. Lovely boots as always! I absoloutely adore the little curls at the top of the heel! :)

    Also that bat you caught recently was definitely a Pipistrelle (not sure if common or soprano though, would have to check the wing for that!). I was at another bat roost the other night, saw lots of common Pips flying out! Brilliant to watch! :) x

  2. Oooh, oooh, mustard seeds in size 4? I'm a 4 and right now am soooo in need of a prize for sticking at my hazardous job. I sooo love the darker woodland colours (hint!) :D

  3. they're flippin' beautiful! the first pair make me want to tear out my heart and eat it again.

  4. Wow your Creations are so very beautiful! So wonderful and full of Mischef!

  5. Saw your shoes at etsy, they are soooo amazing! Added your shoes to my dreams of "some day", when I'm not only a single mom and student...Please keep making such wonderful things!