I blinked and Autumn arrived...

Thursday, 2 September 2010
And so up to the garden we went, armed with empty stomachs, soap and hopes of a starry sky...
The garden bath was filled to the brim and a blazing fire lit beneath...
and as the stars started to fill the night sky, and the embers were low...
the fairy shoemaker climbed in and gazed heavenward...
looking for shooting stars to make wishes for loved ones recovery with...

Ren x


  1. How wonderful, to sink into the garden bath.

    It's funny, but your campfire picture looks very like mine :D and we're heading off to light ours again today. Yummy!!!

  2. Actually, your camp looks more organised and less in danger of being raided by chickens!!! One of our hens ran off with a piece of bacon, but I didn't tell anyone cos I thought it would put them off!!!

  3. Oh how Lovely!! You make me miss my home in Scotland!
    Ren Im having a Give~away on my Blog! All pertaining to faeries..and faerie wings! Come have a looksee..

  4. You know it's funny- I can't stand camping unless there's some sort of solid roof involved (wagon, caravan, van, cabin etc) but I can't get past the utter joy of a camp fire and haven't been near one is a very long time. This tiny post makes my heart ache.