Heads, Hats and Bats... in that order...

Monday, 27 September 2010
Ive always fancied painting a head... today was the day...
The beginning was not good! A bald lump of plastic... that can never be good to start anything with!
I maybe shouldnt have sponged on gold paint but I fancied a smidge of sparkle... I was aiming for patchy, mottled, fairy-ishness... but Im not sure...
I carried on regardless, like I always do... adding a little bit of the woods as I went... 
I quite like the overall effect!
And because she was in fact painted to model hats... heres a new knitted beret for the shop.
Complete with arial... in case you get lost. You can find it in the Fairysteps shop here.  
And so onto the 'batty' bit of the post. I know... why on earth does this woman keep kidnapping bats and taking pictures of them???? Are you looking at that pretty little face???
This little beauty blew across the floor of the yard as I sat sipping 4 oclock tea. I thought it was a fallen leaf, thought twice, remembered the fact that we had 4 phsycopathic cats and rushed out to rescue. I whipped my skirt off (dont worry I was wearing a petticoat) and carefully rescued said bat from almost certain death.
I think its a Pippestrelle. Apparently they are small enough to fit in a matchbox (who on earth tried that?). I have placed my enormous hand next to this little piece of perfection from Mother Nature for you to see how tiny she is...

What on earths coming next?

Hope all had a good start to the week!
Ren x


  1. O Ren, I have to tell you this...this morning I had an appointment at the local hospital and above my chair in the waiting room was a big poster warning NEVER touch a bat! I thought of you! I hope this only applies to my end of the world but I hope you have your shots just in case...eeek
    ps. i really like your recent painting project and beret. Ali xx

  2. Ren that bat isnt he a treasure?! Im so glad the cats didnt find him too. I used to paint store Mannequins for a living in a Studio years ago. That was the coolest by far job Ive ever had. Your painted Lady is quite pretty!

  3. So many things going on for you! I have to tell you, from the thumbnail picture on my blogger reader, the mannequin looked like it was dripping blood--only when I got to your post itself did I realize it was a long painted strand of hair! Huzzah, it looks marvelous!

    And the bats! Indeed, you are a mother to owls and bats--there should be some sort of "Night Creature Award" for you!

  4. That's a great job you've made of the mannequin! Do I hear a name emerging? ;) x

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