Fairies do wear boots....

Monday, 16 August 2010
I know they do... because I make them...
These delectable MOONSHINE fairy boots will be leaving Fairysteps Land on Wednesday morning...
Heading off to their new fairy owner...
Last but not least...MUSTARDSEED will also be flying away, literally to Australia.
I just managed to snap these this morning before heading into the hospital.
Just as well because they forecast VERY heavy rain tommorow. It seems impossible because today brought bright warm sunshine. But the forecast was grim enough to send Mr Fairysteps up on our house roof to mend a leak. Im so glad...
I can have that saucepan back now...
A little ladybird helped with the pictures. positioning, camera settings, etc...

Last notes: I am home tommorow, yippeeee! I shall do a few hours in the workshop, play LOTS of games with Tiny tiddlywink who has waited so patiently that I cant stand the guilt a moment longer..., order the new domestic sewing machine for all the girls in the house (that includes me), did I say my trusty old one had finally self destructed after 34 years???
I may even do a spot of mopping...

Ren x


  1. Love those fairy boots! Enjoy your time at home.

  2. Beautiful work, Ren...they are so finely stitched, definitely made by fairy fingers!
    I hope all is well with your loved one in hospital...I'm keeping you in my thoughts:-)
    Stella xoxo

  3. Oh Moonshine, dear Moonshine, ONE day I'll make you mine! Wonderful Ren, love them. Hoping you are well and things are looking good for your loved one. Forget the mopping, life's too short. Play games instead!

  4. ren,
    wow! both pairs of these are just divine! i so hope i can get a pair soon! i would love to order a pair for my birthday in october-will see-what a wonderul and magickal gift! wishing you all the best!