Woolly heaven and beyond...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010
I had a woolly tea party this morning...
A big green van brought me a little piece of heaven yesterday, and now I cant stop smiling...
Very soon this beautiful luxury pure wool will be available to buy at the Fairysteps shop!!
The colours remind me very much of the same subtle pallette that Rowan often uses for its yarns. In a word, timeless.

Watch the blog for updates as to when the yarn category will be full of balls of goodness. I started listing late last night....


  1. I can't wait I'll definately be doing some ordering:-)
    Loving the colours!
    Take care,

  2. This looks gorgeous,wonderful colours

  3. Congrats Ren! You are a yarn shop too! (convincing me even more we are twin souls...) A. xx

  4. I gaze at those balls of Merino and my thoughts wander back to sunny days in my auntie's garden winding her wool for her, it might be triggered by seeing those colours together. It's strange how things like this can conjure memories isn't it?xx