Theres wool in them there hills...

Thursday, 8 July 2010
Tea cups in my case...
I had a very late night listing lots of woolly goodness in the Fairysteps shop here. Ive also selected a few patterns that I thought worthy of selling. Hopefully lots of people will think them worthy of buying!
It feels rather nice to be combining my love of Leather and wool under one roof. Im still not a hundred percent sure how people viewing the shop will feel about this combination as I primarily deal in leathergoods, but Im keeping fingers crossed that it doesnt feel too strange for visitors.

I will have new shoe pictures from the latest orders to show you by the weekend. Im a bit woolled out at the moment so its back to rolls of rainbow leather for me today...


  1. Lovely teas cups, delicious colours! Wool and leather, my idea of heaven.xx

  2. I miss my Mum who use to knit wonderful things for me. It would amaze me how she would knit away while talking or watching the television.Its a great skill and gift to posess.

  3. So beautiful fotos, love your wool and porcellin