Summer garden blanket update...

Monday, 5 July 2010
Just a quick update to show the new yellow centres. This was taken a good 2 weeks ago and its much bigger now... Ive even started 'squaring up' the whole shabang so that I can head to victory! I MUST hurry up and complete it as my new wools have been ordered for the shop and its going to be a mammoth job listing all that new stock!
I have something rather special in mind for the presentation of the new yarns BUT you are going to have to wait to see what Ive got up my sleeve!!!

Back to the Fairysteps workshop after a mountain of dishes... Ive got shoes to make...


  1. Very nice, I must go and pay your shop a visit again soon. :)

  2. Really lovely. I have a knit pattern for hexagons on my blog, but this is so pretty.


  3. This is so easy mine is growing so fast...great pattern:-)
    I'm glad to see your homespun will be available soon. Got to get me some of that:-)

  4. Hi Ren, you are quite amazing with all your gorgeous creations. I've been scrolling through your photos saying 'love it!' and 'i want it!' And you're making me feel lazy and a bit guilty as I think of all the half-finished things I have waiting for me. I'm going to aim to finish one thing tomorrow!
    happy creating!
    gill xx

  5. Caught a glimpse of this on Flickr and had to pop over and have a look, as I love the colours and the idea of a patchwork flower blanket - beautiful