POD in softest Caramel...

Friday, 2 July 2010
Made in one of my newest leathers chosen specifically for the buttery softness and the perfect imperfections across the hide... not to mention those rare ragtags! I have 2 more cut in this wonderful colour and hope to be able to repeat this bag over and over.
Each will be unique in their own way though, simply because of the nature of the leather. Yum...
This treasure is in the Fairysteps shop here

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  1. It's georgeous, it looks so soft!

    Where do you get your amazing leather from? I've never seen stuff like it for sale, not even at re-enactment events.

    I got some from a local company once, whom I asked to buy offcuts from one day, and they said "help yourself, free of charge!" :D They only had variations of black and brown. But now they have new owners and only do one king of specially treated leather for boating accessories, and only in one colour :(.