The LOVE blanket...

Friday, 23 July 2010
Im such a wicked woman...
Ive started something new...
And the Summer Garden blanket isnt even off my 4.5mm hook...
Shocking isnt it...
BUT you'll have to forgive me because Ive started a tutorial on how to make your own blanket of LOVE. I am currently over halfway through so not long to go.
Tiny tiddlywink asked for a blanket for her bed. Being physically UNABLE to face another granny square or hexagon for the forseeable future I put on my crochet design hat, meandered through a few old crochet books from my collection dating back to the 1970's, saw a few squared patchwork designs and was off on my own hooky adventure...
The colours are not ideal, and dont come anywhere near what I envisaged, but it is at least thrifty as its all old stash yarn. Aran weight combined with a 5.5mm hook means that its a super quick project despite the size being fairly large. A nice border will be needed and I plan to embroider the word LOVE in large letters on 4 of the bottom squares.
Naturally I am stitching in kisses for tiny tiddlywink as I go... hence the name.
Ren x


  1. It's like a Freddie Blanket. Lovely. If I ever do another, I think I might have to do it in strips, although that might require more staying power than I have I think :)

  2. This is so sweet! My mum used to crochet blankets all the time when I was little and I used to beg her to teach me. She always just said 'when you're older' and then I forgot all about it. You've inspired me now though and I'm going remind her about it the next day I call in!

  3. I love the colours.... but we're all different I suppose!

  4. that sounds perfect! I don't do nearly enough stitching for my wee ones (big regret) so good for you! am still not finished my you have about six in your cupboard...! ;) A. xx

  5. It's going to be a gorgeous blanket. I'm so jealous of your speed and ability, it amazes me :)

  6. He he...for some reason, when I saw your post title, I could just hear Barry White saying it....the LUUURVE blanket!!! I don't think I have your patience, when I crochet a blanket or throw, I always go for really BIG hooks and crochet about 3 or 4 different yarns in at a time!