Crochet tantrum..

Saturday, 24 July 2010
And last but not least...
My Summer garden blanket has been 'thrown' onto my little yellow wicker chair in disgust. Yes... I had a crocheted tantrum this morning. Shocking isnt it!
Just when I thought, this is it, last hexagon, border next, freedom to plough on with new threads, etc, etc... I laid the whole caboodle out onto my bed and realised that NOT squareing up the corners with a million green hexagons was NOT an option I could leave, unless I added 2 more flowers. This would solve the dip caused at each end and would in fact make the blanket more of a big oval. I can then get away with an edging and then running away from it.
So the hexagon saga continues...
Maybe I can escape to the garden and finish them later??? Ive a million parcels to pack up first ready to post on Monday morning. Better get on with it so I can run away with my hook...
Ren x


  1. Hi Ren,
    Gorgeous new bags:-)
    Love the little pen holder!!!!
    Can I ask When the pop blue purses will go in the shop as I desperately want 2 of them one for me and one for my daughter.We go on holiday on monday and I won't have internet access.
    Sorry to be so inpateint.
    Take care,

  2. Love the colours of your blanket!