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Friday, 25 June 2010
Simply ooodles of new beauties added to the Fairysteps shop! Predominantly made in buttery soft OAK MOTTLE grained leather...
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2 of which are ALDER ragtag bags, one (hiding behind) with a stunningly long pointy front...
Ive taken note of the many suggestions from you all for more pouches. Including JINKS which is larger than DRIP. Heres 2 above in Damson and Oak Mottle, but I have cut another 3 in Mulberry nubuck and olive. These will go into stock probably next week.
And last but not least a pile of 8 new WRISTY cuffs, including some ragtag versions, again in woodland colours. Stock was rather low so I am glad to have added a few new ones here!

Thats all folks! Have a wonderful weekend. Im off up to the garden for a pot of tea with Mr Fairysteps who has just returned after a week away in Scotland working... my hearts been bleeding... but the tea with perfect company will make it all better!

Ren x

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  1. Oh! A week apart is a long time, it must be lovely to be back together again. :) I love your pictures, I can always smell that leather from here! x