NEW shoes in the shop...

Monday, 14 June 2010
QUINCE in ivy pull up and pink. Arent they pretty!
They are in the shop here
And MEGGIE. A new shoe for the summer. I made 2 pairs, both different... they were such a terrible fidget that I think they may be the only ones!!! This pair is a UK 7 and can be found here
And my personal favourites. Its that new green again... these are a UK 7 and are here
I will post some pictures of recent orders later in the week, just because they turned out so beautifully! The next batch of shoes will be a mixture of orders and stock. UK size 4s I think as that category is practically empty.

Day off tommorow for a family birthday, so lots of cake and tea drinking ahead...

Ren x


  1. Love the new Meggie, I think all fairies have size 5.5 feet......

  2. Oh, the Quince are sooo adorable. Your work is very inspiring and I look forward to see what you create next.