Nearly forgot the birthday...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010
I had a busy (er) week last week. We had a birthday in the house! Littlest went into double numbers!
The tip... I mean house, was cleaned to within an inch of its life...
Bunting was made (an hour before the party) and hung...
Furniture was moved, shelves were cleaned and dusted and tables were laid...
Children came... and children went...
All on the day before the day...
And littlest had her dream cake on her big day. The sun shone and the joke candles wouldnt blow out... and the cake got covered in spittle from all the frantic blowing and laughing...
But we ate it anyway...
Happy Birthday my sweet x


  1. So sweet...Happy Birthday!
    Stella xx

  2. lovely! Looks like it was a fantastic day!

  3. What a cute dress! Oh, to be ten.

  4. Happy Birthday, what a lovely cake!

  5. Happy Birthday...:)

    My Katie had her 10th birthday last week too. She was 10 on the
    17th June......:)

  6. Beautiful cake! Hope littlest had a lovely day.

  7. If your house is a tip, then I'm not sure WHAT to call mine!

    What a lovely birthday celebration and that last picture is gorgeous.

  8. Happy birthday little one! Seems like my youngest is still that age. I have to keep reminding myself she's 13, yes 13 although she looks as though she's still 10 which doesn't help my memory! Looks like a lovely cake and a fanastic table of food! ;o) xx

  9. Children's parties can be such fun. Take a trip to my blog and check out the little child's painting I am giving away - I'm sure you'd like it.....