Ive got me some yellow... part 2

Saturday, 19 June 2010
Here is the primrose wool sat on my lap yesterday evening with Doris Day sitting beside me singing... Its by SIRDAR so although its, turn away as Im going to say something rude...acrylic... it appears to be very good quality. AND I need yellow!!!
The need for the yellow increased to alarming heights once my daisies started flowering...
It took 3 hours last night to unpick all of the centres and rework them in primrose. I also worked 2 more flowers making a total of 11 now completed. The appearance of the whole blanket has changed and all because of the flower centres. I hope my other 4 colours arrive today as Ive reached a bit of a 'cant do much' stage. I could sew in ends... or I could complete the green pathways on the new flowers? I'll do that then!

The yellow wool came from http://www.clarkcraft.co.uk/ a new to me company which were very helpful and speedy at sending my bag of yellow goodness.

Wishing everyone a woolly weekend!
Ren x


  1. I'm afraid I'm a big fan of acrylic...I've yet to find a wool, or even wool blend, that doesn't make me itch if I wear it right next to my skin, and as hats and scarves are about all I can crochet, wool isn't much good to me, as much as I love it! :(

  2. Acrylic makes really good tawashis... the fibers really scrub well, and they don't fall apart as fast as natural fibers. Scrubby scrubby.