Tuesday, 1 June 2010
Just back from the woods...

Trudging down again to check on little owl...

The night before last the Mother attacked Mr Fairysteps as he bent to pick up little hoot who had just fallen out of the tree in front of him. What a numpty! The chick, not Mr F who was infact doing ANOTHER rescue operation. Mr Fairysteps now has talon 'holes' in his back. Their claws are razor sharp and go into skin like needles. Ive got holes in my thumb from little hoot where she gripped so tightly.

Anyway, I am glad to say that the wooden orange box has been nailed to the nest tree and little hoot was safely installed.

We didnt go down yesterday, sort of giving them time to settle, plus I dont want to stress the Mother too much with all this Human coming and going business.

We had big black eyes watching us through the slats in the box. Its a bit funny because its like shes in a hide, birdwatching! Mother circled us, calling to her young and letting us know that she was still there. We found droppings in the box so feel happy that she is safe and being fed now in her cot.

I shall go down on Friday to double check...


  1. Wow, this has been quite an adventure, of two humans and two owls!

    I have to say, Little Hoot is an endearing name, and how lucky that bird is. Rarely can a wild animal be so lucky to have human caretakers care so much, and so long! Bless your kindness Ren!

  2. Oww! Poor Mr Fairysteps! Glad to hear that little Hoot is still doing well, she's obviously a fighter...hope she appreciates all this human busyness is for her sake though!

  3. I'm keeping an eye on this, a lovely story :)

  4. Thank you for the update, fingers crossed!