Colour me green...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010
Ive been green for much of the week... including bra and knickers! In fact if there isnt green on it then I havent worn it... I think I may be colour obsessed. Ive become increasingly aware that everything that I make and do in my life circles around patterns of colour. It takes over me in coloured waves of the same hue... time and time again. I cant seem to deny it either...
It even seeps into my shop. I think thats what the whole 'constantly changing it' thing is all about. Ive come to the conclusion though that there is no denying it. Its me and I must embrace all of me.
Ive had a fantastically busy day, snipping and snapping at my leathers with my purple shears. I see dreams of shoes taking shape on my work table, I see pouches and bags and boots like a leather rainbow. I see sunshine and white May blossom in my wild wood garden and the birds have been telling me all the day long that Summer is here.

And now, Im settling for the evening in my workshop with Mumford and Son singing to me, Littlest is abed, Middlest is busy, Eldest is walking the fields to home, Mr Fairysteps is checking his green babies in the greenhouse and I am so happy and full of love tonight that I could burst at the seams...


  1. Do the pattern for the green cardy - please, please, pleaser!!!!

  2. yay for green! (^_^) it's flourishing everywhere now the summers' rolled in.. it's only a matter of time before the makers of the world are inspired by such a lively colour!


  3. Yes, it seems to be Green for me too, though here it's because Autumn and its attendant rains finally arrived, and the world is greening up beautifully...the Nasturtiums are beginning to take over my garden, and by Spring we'll be buried in them. I think 'The Green Jack' may be the first of a whole lot more green paintings, there seems to be a distinct lack of green in my work and it's time to remedy the situation. I go through colour phases too, it's been purple and teal for ages, now I'm starting to go straight to the earthy colours!

  4. I'm smiling too - a lovely post! I'm colour obsessed and I see it in my eldest and youngest children too! Embrace the colour! :o) x