Sunday treasure... part 2

Sunday, 2 May 2010
I forgot to mention one of the treasures that tiny tiddlywink gave to me last Sunday...
Its old, and worn and moths have eaten through from back to front, but it is so beautiful. At only a mere 1 1/2" across it must have been a right fidget to make but worth the effort for the maker.
And here is the back view showing the O so tiny brass safety pin that was used to fix it. I wonder how many lapels this little brooch fixed to? How many dresses were in that number and where did they go??

It is waiting patiently in a pot on the bookshelf, ready for me to one day maybe recreate another in its glorious image... I feel honoured to have been made custodian of such a little gem.

Tommorow sees me working my socks off in the workshop making 'green grained' treasures. You are going to love this new leather, I feel it in my bones! The new stock theme is Green and Mustard, two of my favourite colours. Throw in a splash of Wine or Plum and I am in colour heaven!

p.s. Im so sorry.... Ive changed the website and blog header again... Im a serial graphics fiddler, its an awful addiction... its not my fault... I couldnt sleep last night...


  1. I don't know how you conjure up the time. Loving the new header with some of my favourite shoes. Green leather mmmm... now you're talkin'

  2. That is the sweetest brooch...I can just see you recreating it with your special touches. Maybe tiny tiddleywink can help you with production ...she seems to have your eye and clever fingers for making things!

    The blog looks great!
    Stella xx

  3. I'd keep it in the freezer, just in case...

    It is a pretty little thing though.

  4. He he, I love the fact that your blog never looks the same twice, Ren! Embrace your inner 'graphics fiddler' I say!