Im going paddling...

Sunday, 9 May 2010
Heres me today in a profusion of plum and red and orange... and funnily enough instead of clashing it looks rather good together. I may have to make a bag in this colour scheme...
BUT that isnt why I am posting. Firstly apologies for lack of posts, after my hexagon tutorial over on the woolly blog, not to mention getting my Ravelry account sorted out, and not forgetting being out of action for 3 days with awful stomach cramps, and... working and all the other million and one things a Mother has to do, the blog was the last priority!!!

But here I am.

Ive just realised that Ive completely had enough of sorting out graphics on websites. Like a thunderbolt from up on high I have concluded that absolutely NO colour, no graphics is the way to go. Its that less is more bit again isnt it. I spot it more and more lately, must be my age... I constantly battle with finding a scheme to compliment my products which never seem to fit into just one style. I suppose thats what makes handmade things unique, they are in fact a style all of their own. So it boils down to the images of an item being the sole most important thing on a website. With no competition whatsoever. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words...
Im still not firing on all cylinders but its back to work on Monday. I have orders to finish ready for a busy week ahead. Im off on Wednesday to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary... I love him more than ever... and did you know, that 20 years is called the pottery / china anniversary? O yes readers! I feel a teapot coming on!
Then on Thursday we pack for a whole week away at the seaside down in Cornwall. I cant wait! Im taking my tea tray, teapot, 500 tea bags and the knitting basket.
I am, in short, going to heaven...


  1. Oh how wonderful,an anniversary and holiday in Cornwall,Have a lovely time.

  2. I know what you mean about graphics. I've tried a good half dozen different looks, only to end up with the one I first created!!!

    Have a great Anniversary :)

  3. I love your outfit! The little button pinafore is particularly darling!

    Good for you on sorting out all things and for the 20th anniversary! Yes, I believe a teapot would not be a bad anniversary present at all!

  4. What a bunch of treats you have coming up! I shall be thinking of you in cornwall with your tea and knitting...bliss! Many congratulations on your wedding anniversary. :) xx

  5. Well of COURSE plum, red and orange go together! Well they do in my universe anyway, and I just finished a big painting in those colours (and purple...there's always purple!) to prove it! Congratulations on the 20th, we're celebrating our 16th this year, but we've been together 24 years. I think a lovely teapot sounds like the perfect pressie. And a week in Cornwall sounds divine, I'm very jealous!

    As for the 'no more graphics' look...HA! I don't believe it for a time I drop in it will be completely different again! ;-)

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Glad you are feeling better in time for the two for tea trip...sounds lovely! A. xx