I found some treasures too...

Thursday, 6 May 2010
Whilst on our outing I visited a charity shop... as you do...
I bought this beautiful linen table cloth, embroidered with one of my favourite flowers, lilacs, for just £2.50!
I found a perfect chocolate spotty tea dress for £4.00. Alas it is bias cut (I hate bias cut clothing on my bottom half, it clings like plastic wrap on a cucumber, except that I am not cucumber shaped, more of an aubergine really...). But, no matter! I shall cut it in half and use the top half as a pretty top. I will use some chocolate linen to make a skirt yoke and then add a flounce with the dotty fabric. What a lovely outfit!
I bought the little scarf too for £1.00 along with a little gem of a book from a secondhand bookshop in a back street in Plymouth, that looked remarkably like Flourish and Botts...
Its called 'Beauty and your feet' by Florence E Ledger.
Just look at those happy feet! They must be dreaming of Fairysteps...
Straight from the second world war, it seems a little strange reading it, I feel I ought to keep checking my ration book, but it is incredibly interesting to a Shoemaker who enjoys history.

Im going to sleep now!

P.s. I changed the knitting blog address to Fairystepsknits (couldnt keep typing Pollyputtheknittingon... it was so long...) and it seems to have lost all of the links... Ooops. If you were following the woolly blog you may have to re follow to make it work! Drat!!! Sorry everyone!

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  1. That book is hilarious isn't it? I'm sure they know what they're talking about but that picture makes me smile!x