Five go to Smugglers top...

Sunday, 23 May 2010
Heres the cottage where we stayed...
Little people battled through thick undergrowth on cliff pathes...
The scent of Bluebells filled every path we walked...
Sea Campions smiled at us as we passed them by...
Huge clumps of Thrift covered the cliffs and path edges like pale pink clouds...
There was a lot of gazing...
Morning, Noon and Night...
This is the sun going down behind Mount St Michaels one evening.
And here on another day, the same wonderful property swathed in misty fog.
Special toys came for a holiday too...
Every available rock pool was searched top to bottom...
Seagulls circled high overhead, warning us to stay away from their nests...
We even found this nest below with no eggs or sitting bird. Where were they???
And best of all we found HUGE caves (look how tiny we look stood at the mouth), dark and deep, but all the smuggled brandy and rum was gone... did they smuggle tea bags?

BUT the bestest, bestest bit of all was that we came home again!
It was a wonderful holiday! We were so lucky with the weather. We had fun together and it was a special time for that alone. The children played games, went boating, swimming and fishing everyday. I drank vast amounts of tea and finished a hat, and my Little Sparrow cardigan. I also started a new hexagon blanket and a pullyover to match the cardi, so it was a productive week. I even made a dress for the shop today!

Last notes:

*I cant fit everything in this post so will do another, BUT the children brought home an owlet today. Ive taken pictures... Its unbelievable.
*My Son is hatching ducklings in his bedroom.... dont even ask! Ive got a day old one here with me next to the laptop keeping warm. The house is cheeping... More are apparently due to night and he has set his alarm clock to keep checking the rapidly cracking eggs.
*Ive so far washed 9 loads of dirty holiday washing... thank god the sun is shining to dry it all. Ive got 3 left to do tommorow, together with a load of handwash woollens.
*Back to work tommorow, a million emails to see to and orders to package up ready to send on Tuesday.
*Sshhhh, the ducklings gone to sleep...

Mr Fairysteps is up under the stars in the garden bath... I think I may go and join him for a soak under the warm night sky.

Its good to be home... I missed my nest!

Ren x


  1. It looks heavenly...what a beautiful spot for a vacation!
    Stella xx

  2. Oooooh, it looks absolutely idyllic, Lucky you, such gorgeous weather, so nice to have you back though. Can't wait to see the latest knitting.

  3. And did you have 'lashings of Ginger Beer' as well as tea?! Oh, I LOVED the Famous Five (and the Secret Seven too, of course!). Must see if I can get hold of them for my munchkins. Looks like you all had a fabulous holiday Ren, I spent a too brief few days in Cornwall 20 years ago and fell in love with it. Maybe one day I'll get back there and share it with my little people and the bigger half too. And thank you too for your lovely comments on my last post, I'm really glad I wrote it, so many people were so wonderfully understanding.

  4. What a beautiful spot...
    I love your photos.

    Im eyeing off the mustard coloured bag in your shop(my bithday is soon)

  5. opps that was meant to be birthday...:) LOL

  6. It's lovely to see your holiday pics Ren! I love the area near St Michael's Mount, especially Marazion. I know how you feel about coming home too, it's nice to get all the familar things around you again isn't it? You did have a productive time! xx

  7. And I'd love to see a photo of the garden bath.......once you two are finished, of course. : )

  8. West Penwith is my most favourite place in the whole wide world, I'd have asked you to give it a big kiss from me if I'd known you were going.

  9. My mum and I love West Penwith, too, with a special passion for Mousehole and the surrounding area. We sighed happily over your photos. And anxiously await owlet photos (I rehabilitate/rescue/raise wild birds, just released a Storm Petrel today)as well as some of the house ducklings-been there, done that!

  10. Glad you enjoyed your break. What a magical place to stay. It's beautiful around that area isn't it, my sister lives in Penzance.

    It's wonderful to get away and recharge our souls, but I agree always feels good to return home.

  11. What a wonderful blog! I love all the things you make! It's so beautiful, all that leather in different colors,patterns and forms :)

  12. What a beautiful blog! I'm here for the first time and I'm enjoying my visit!

  13. Oh what a wonderful post...I was all excited seeing your Famous Five references, then I realised you were in Cornwall!!!!
    I used to be able to see St Michaels mount from my bedroom window when I lived in Penzance. LOL
    (I'm only 20 minutes from there now but can't see the sea anymore :()
    And I have been painting a series of illustrations called 'Storybook Cornwall', based on my favourite childhood books, including The Famous Five!! hee hee... you are inspiring me to get on with some more now! :) xxx