Dear boy...

Thursday, 6 May 2010
Im so lucky to have met this dear boy 16 years ago...

My goodness how strong and tall and healthy he has grown, and how blessed am I as a Mother to see it.
The smile is still there, along with your wonderful laugh that always makes me glow!
The cake was a birthday present from Middle sister, it was soooo good!
We went to the National Marine Aquarium at Plymouth for an outing...
Couldnt resist taking a picture of this jumble... it resembles my house...
Saw lots of these, which proved nigh on impossible to photograph... they NEVER keep still long enough.
And ended up at the end of the day in one of these...
Sadly not my bed, but isnt it a corker! This image was taken at Elizabethean House Museum at the Barbican, Plymouth.

Last notes: I am now in bed with a laptop on my lap suffering with a very nasty tummy bug, decided to just GIVE UP and go to bed... Up and on tommorow no doubt! Maybe I should carry on drafting that cardi pattern to share???


  1. He's very handsome!! Happy Birthday...looks like it was a very fun day!
    Hope you're feeling better, soon, Ren!
    Stella xx

  2. Happy Birthday,
    What a delicious looking cake, My daughter had one like that a few days ago, chocolate with white chocolate on top with those candles, only two layers though!!!!
    Have a good rest Ren, It''ll do you good.

  3. Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy. What a cute little bundle he was in that laundry basket. I used to have a laundry basket that I actually used for a cot, the moses style one. (When they were very tiny of course!)x

  4. Happy Birthday to your boy!! My older girl just turned 16! Sorry to read you are sick. I am too...I am convinced we live in a parallel universe...hugs, A. xx