The Victoria Plum tea shop...

Friday, 30 April 2010
Tiniest tiddlywink is going to own a tea shop when she grows up... she has an outdoor one at present and we all get invited for tea and mud pie... It is in the corner of the orchard beneath a Victoria plum tree.
An old caravan was broken up last weekend and Tiny tiddlywink went scavenging for treasure (she is her Mothers daughter after all...). She brought back so many discarded treasures...
They were hung from the Plum amongst the new blossoms...
This little hand sieve is very old. It appears to be silver plated!
I sat and ate mud cakes garnished with Buttercup whilst coveting that cream enamel saucepan that she had found...
and watched the hens, oblivious to everything...

I hope I get invited this Sunday too! Ive promised to help make bunting for the Plum tree tommorow...


  1. She has a good eye for finding some interesting treasures...and, I love the outdoor tea room! Can't wait to see the bunting!
    Stella xx

  2. Wow! How very magical! I'd covet that sauce pan, as well!

  3. Gorgeous! My girls have their "Mulberry Lane Cafe" and we get invited in for strange delights of herbs and flower petals and's extremely cosy though, can only fit one adult guest at a time!

  4. It touches my heart when I see the remains of a game once played, so sweet to see her little creations! It's lovely that you've captured this on camera, such precious times.
    ps. That looks like one of my green measuring cups upturned!xx

  5. Happy 1st of May!! I remember playing this when I was a wee one. My dog Jeannie was my best customer. Hee! Your garden is lovely. A. xx