Sewing Sunday and chocolates galore...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010
Nests were made for the Easter bird to lay in...
Daffy Down Dillys watched...
Fresh Gorse blossom was picked for brewing magic concoctions in the kitchen...
The Sunday morning hunt brought forth heaps of shining chocolatyness...
The Fairy Shoemaker was given a special egg by a small person with a very big heart...
And on Sunday afternoon snipping began in earnest...
A new petticoat made in a vintage cotton lawn.
Ive wanted another petticoat for ages now so am especially chuffed! There seems to be just enough for a short sleeved shirt... thats next Sunday sorted then!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Last notes:
  • Much to do this week

  • Too much to do this week

  • Shoes to make

  • Bread to bake

  • Buttony bags to sew up

  • Tiddlywinks to deliver to a thousand friends...


  1. that petticoat is lovely indeed.
    Happy Easter x

  2. What a beautiful petticoat! I am smitten. So the question then, is: have you any to sell to us in the States? :)

  3. I totally adore the idea of sewing Sunday, maybe you could start a revolution, or maybe just a group!
    Now if only I can persuade my household to leave me along long enough on a Sunday :)

    The petticoat is gorgeous by the way :)

  4. I think I have become a petticoat fan! I will have to try making one for myself. Your vintage lawn looks gorgeous with the chocolate skirt. BTW, what do you use gorse for (speaking as an Aussie who doesn't even know what gorse looks like!)?

  5. Lovely Easter Sunday you had!
    And love the petticoat -- almost makes me want to start sewing again ;-).