POST available as bespoke...

Saturday, 10 April 2010
POST bag from Fairysteps.
Now available as bespoke in whatever colour takes your fancy...
Available as buckled and rag tag. Its in the Fairysteps shop here

Last notes:

  • The weather is pure heaven. Everything is going green at Fairysteps land.

  • The accounts are proving to be an almost unsurmountable task... stretching before me... BUT I am determinded to really get on top of them this afternoon (must find the stepladder).

  • Promised to help a small Tiddlywinks mend her sleeping bag this morning, must do that. Big patch needed I think, plus the zip has fallen out halfway down.

  • Sun shining so at least 3 loads of washing can go out on the line today. May even wash my patchwork bedcover.

  • Must go and stare lovingly at new little blue car bought from dear friend yesterday. Its for Fairysteps deliveries, and material gathering. Ive called him beetle owing to the colour. Small, economical, secondhand... perfect! The spare knitting basket has been installed.

  • A little preparation for the Hatters tea party tommorow would be helpful. Planning an enormous spread (I will take pictures). Couldnt do this last weekend because tiddlywinks here there and everywhere. Have arranged for all to be HERE tommorow tea time.

  • Did I mention the accounts...


  1. Oh those silly accounts, get outside in the sunshine! Sorry, I'm being a very bad influence. A Hatter's tea party sounds wonderful...I've been visiting "A Fanciful Twist" and looking at all her Mad Tea Party photos, and my beloved and I went to see "Alice in Wonderland" last night, so I may need to hold one myself...if nothing else, so I can wear the top hat I bought myself last year!

    *giggle* my 'word verification' word for this post is 'snusness'. Sounds like something Lewis Carroll would have invented...quietly smug and a little bit shy, perhaps?

  2. I can't say anything helpful for the accounts, just hope that they weren't too painful and are now finished!

    Enjoy your tea party :)