Polly put the knitting on...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I know weve been here before...
Seperate blogs and all that...
But I think I must...
So I have.

I have long thought that my knitting and crochet design skills have been sat too idle, waiting for a chance to prove themselves. Well, after a sleepless night the day has arrived.
I knit or crochet nearly everyday anyway, I never make a pattern without changing it, often beyond recognition, I often just make up my own as I go along, I have about 10 tons of yarn stored all over the house, I never tire of fiddling with those hooks and sticks.
I think its time I started drafting patterns to share my creations with the world and maybe earn a little money at the same time. Ive had a devil of a job thinking of names for this new venture but that lightbulb moment happened this morning (over tea, naturally).
My Mum said, "Polly is a pretty name and very old fashioned".
I replied, "It is. Like Polly put the kettle on, hey, Polly put the knitting on!"...
An empire begins!

Ive even had a comment about selling patterns on the last post, so someone thinks the designs good enough.

I shall leave all of the Fairysteps leatherwork, shoes, bags, belts etc, together with home and sewing posts here on the Fairysteps blog. All woolly related bits have been added to the Polly put the knitting on blog. So if you fancy following it do pop over and join up! Ive yet to get any patterns onto Ravelry to sell but its only matter of time... must get back to shoemaking now...


  1. Ooooh, I shall pop over and join as soon as my flighty 'followers' boxes reappear (usually after 10pm at night)! I cannot knit to save my life, and my crochet is of the most basic kind, but I do love seeing all your lovely yarny creations!

  2. what a fab idea ren. i have basic crochet and knitting skills, but seeing your wonderful creations makes me want to get better. now where did i put those knitting needles?!

  3. Can't wait for the patterns! I adore Ravelry and spend far too much time on there already :) Good luck with it!