NEW shoes in the shop...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010
Minnie Mouse has just ordered a pair of these in her size...
Dotty in Ladybird grained leather with black polka dot ribbons. Stunning! These are a UK size 5 and are in the shop here 
Remember the new style I have been working on? Here she is...
Shown here in Lemondrop with a zesty green insole complete with meadow polka dot ribbons. I smiled all the way through making these. This pair is in stock in UK size 6 in the shop here 
And the original VERITY below shown in BUFF leather with Raspberry nubuck insoles. Complete with a ribbon and vintage cotton corsage. These are a UK size 7 and are in the shop here 

And those rather special DOTTY's again... because I cant get enough of them. 

Whats your favourite?

p.s. You very nearly didnt get this post... Blogger have changed the image uploader... what a b****y nightmare!


  1. You're so clever, these shoes are just divine! I'm not sure if I like the last bit when you said Blogger have changed their uploader, oh no! I was just beginning to get used to it too!xx

  2. each pair is absolutely wonderful!

  3. I LOVE the Verity pairs. Prefer the lemon colour, but I think the corsage on the buff pair is truly splendid. I know, I thought I'd pressed the wrong button when I tried to upload my images - they could have warned us, I don't cope well with sudden change for no apparent reason.

  4. Ooh such lovely shoes!

    Tell me about it :( I had to go back to default original blogger instead of Blogger in draft to get my pics up today. Need to relearn ready for next post.